I love the word ‘fall.’ Because. As a noun or as a verb, it can represent so many things – autumn, the state of being in love, dropping into an abyss, man’s descent into sin, a decrease in number, etc … Metaphorically speaking, it is a multi-tasker, ha, ha! It seemed apt, therefore, to title the poem below “Fall.”


The autumn of my life has come
And I am glad
Not to be sad
That the muses have left
And I stand bereft
Though surrounded by laughter
And faces that contort in jest
While crying “So what! So what!”
There never was a more painful cut.

Now, all frailty rise up as fretful cares
And peaks to climb and conquer
In childish vanity while
The languor of their kisses mile after mile
Reveals to me that we revert
To what we cannot subvert.

So with gray cells expanding
And garden abloom I’m spending
Days marked with solitude
And a heart full of gratitude
For a happiness stolen
Then swiftly forgotten.


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