Some of the hard things I do

I’ve been reading quite a few lists. There’s even one blog that I’ve followed just because the name appealed to me: Listful Thinking. For a list lover (that’s moi, who else?) the act of listing things down provides one with the impetus to charge on and move. Except that. I feel tired all the time. So. I thought of making up a list. Of all the hard things that I do. Day in and day out. Here goes:

1  Forgive (If God can do it, so can I … but, but, why does it take me a long time to –

2  Forget … past grievances)

3  Smile (this doesn’t come naturally to me, despite my smiling FB photos)

4  Plan

5  Act on my plan(s)

6  Resist from temptation (to eat more, read more online, nag the hubby and kids more, etc … hopefully, you get the picture!)

7  Be thankful (for what I have)

8  Not envy (it’s not the material things I envy other women, it’s the homeschooling mom with four maids who can write and write about everything that’s on her mind – I have about 50 draft posts on two blogs)

9  Do the important instead of the urgent (do I need to explain this?!!)

10 Start the day by having a conversation with Him (this one’s the hardest because I’m a Martha, not a Mary and there’s always a million things to attend to each morning.

There! Now I need to get up and attend to my kids if I wish to live in the moment …


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