Writing 201: Poetry (Day 2: Limerick)

On the road to Al Ain, the garden city of the UAE
On the road to Al Ain, the garden city of the UAE

The writing prompt for Day 2 of Writing 201: Poetry requires bloggers to compose a limerick about a journey using alliteration. Well, I haven’t written any limerick in a long, long time. But. We travel a lot, living in a desert town 250 km from the city of Abu Dhabi. So. Here’s one based on an actual conversation between the hubby and I:

“‘Tis good,” she said while travelling late
“No sandstorm slows the miles we make.”
“I’m sorry, dear,” replied her mate
“An earlier fog, for heaven’s sake,
Renders sandstorms out of view!”

A friend recently declared that “people remember not what you said but how you make them feel.” Well, this dialogue made me feel stupid. Because. Despite lecturing on the science of weather to my kids, I simply do not remember the physics behind fogs, sandstorms and what not. Just as I cannot recall the technical details of this conversation and had to ask the hubby to get it right. But. At least it provided me with fodder for a limerick, eh?


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