Untitled IV

Have been wanting to write for the longest time but life throws a curve each day …

Still, I do write.
In my head
As I try
To drown out the list of things
To do tomorrow
While lying in bed
And driving to La La Land.

There must be a thousand opening
Paragraphs I’ve composed
My eldest’s flight and
Mid-air meeting with Trump,
The salads that brighten my world
Each day I’m in a stump;
The online friends I meet
Whose chat gets me through each day,
The flab on my belly that greet
Me each morn and refuses to go away.

Most days life sucks,
Some days ecstasies abound.
Whatever shit I’m buried in –
Don’t worry, dear,
I’m still around.

“Ohm’s Law, Boyle’s Law, cole slaw …” my son chanted a few years ago and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what Cole’s Law was, ha, ha! 

2 thoughts on “Untitled IV

  1. I’m glad you’re still around,
    As pessimistic days plod on.
    I’d like to have coffee again
    And sit near the parrots
    While you laughed
    And I said ridiculous things
    To see the laugh again.

    I’m glad you’re still around
    Doing the sanctifying work that murmurs
    “Hard is not the same thing as bad.”
    And “life is about transforming.”

    I’m glad you’re still around
    As the pages of your next chapter begin to rustle with the pending turn
    -swish: children leaving
    -swish: the unexpected
    -swish: lovely, lonely freedom

    I’m glad you’re still around
    To push all of life’s buttons
    It doesn’t ever give you perfect
    And you exchange “adequate” for snark.

    I’m glad you’re still around,
    To make me think.
    To foreshadow.
    To live.

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